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the signs of christmas story:

Last year, the employees of Johnson Nursery Corporation displayed a billboard to remind on-lookers that Christ is the true reason for the season. The billboard’s success inspired “Signs of Christmas”, which is a non-profit organization with a simple purpose to proclaim Christ at Christmas. Our mission is to place Christ centered billboards across the nation, or farther…but we need your help!


"Congratulations on your interview with Fox. I think you did a fine job. It is the birth of God's son that we celebrate and other religions should not take offense. After all our country at one time was predominantly a Christian nation. However, over the centuries our nation has become more multi-ethnic and multi-faith, and while the government should remain secular, I think that our capitalist economic system has driven the idea that espousing one particular religion is bad for the bottom line. They want everyone of all faiths to shop at their establishments during the holiday season. The Festival of Eads, Chanukah and Christmas all fall during the month of December. The region surrounding Washington, DC, has become very multi-ethnic. Every Christmas/Holiday card that we have received from a business in the last two weeks has wished us Happy Holidays, not Merry Christmas. Even the cards we receive from friends, whom know we are Christian, wish us Happy Holidays. Especially the ones that have photographs of the family, or the children, done in mass quantity have Happy Holidays printed on them because it would have been a special order and cost more money to group them into the appropriate religious greeting. The Christmas Season has become an opportunity to SELL MORE while offering no OFFENSE. Nearly every television commercial is about buying something repeated ad nauseum. I hate it. I'm glad that you and your staff took it upon yourselves to bear witness to the fact that Christmas is for Christ, and no one should take offense in being wished it, or worry about offending by extending it."
-Bailey Condrey, Jr. Eclipse Solutions
"Dear David, Wow! What an awesome statement for the real reason for Christmas. More folks need to stand up and combat the negative thoughts felt by those who do not believe, just as you and your employees have done with your billboards. We would like to give back to you in a small way by offering you a choice of plant liners from our current Availability. You have an order to be shipped on Jan. 5, 2015 and these can be included in the box. This will be a total of 16 flats. If you would like to add to that order to fill the large box (holds up to 30 trays) let us know. Again, thanks to all who have made your “stand” possible. Remember, Jesus loves you."
-Gail at Robrink Nursery
"Shalom David, I love it when God sets things up that are so wonderful and obvious, it just underscores how great He is. I am an orthodox, American born Israeli Jew, living in the Judean mountains just south of Jerusalem. I like to refer to my neighborhood as the original bible belt. It’s cold and rainy in Israel today and so I went to buy ingredients to make a really great soup for my family tonight. You’re invited! While I was cooking, I had the TV on and was watching FOX news and the segment with you and the billboard your staff put up came on and I got to watch it. Thanks for doing what you did. It’s one thing for atheists not to want others to infringe on their right to believe what they do, or don’t. it’s another altogether for them to publicize it and diminish Christianity or Judaism as the only religions that worship the One and only God. I’m Jewish and I was inspired and grateful for what you did. As it happens, I may be passing through NC at the end of next month with an ambulance that was donated by a ministry I work with and will be shipped to Israel in February. Israel’s ambulances are built in Indiana and we will do a dedication ceremony in Florida and drive it up the east coast to the port from where it will be shipped. If you’re not too far off the I-95 route which I suspect is more or less how we’ll go, I’d love to meet you and invite you and your staff and friends to join us at an event we do along the way. Either way, I get back to the US quite a bit, and NC is a common stop for me with many ministry partners joining me in blessing Israel through Heart to Heart. I’d be honored to meet you and shake your hand, and will love to do so next time I am in your area, or you find yourself here. Lastly, I hope you’ll find this other story that also appeared on FOX of interest. https://www.afmda.org/heart-to-heart/ricky-skaggs/ Looking forward to hearing back from you and hopefully meeting you one day soon."
-Jonathon Feldstein
"I don't have a question, but I did want to tell you that I just saw Mr. Johnson on Fox News and I had to tell you how wonderful you are for voicing your love of Christ so well. I used to work at Four Seasons Nursery in Va. Beach. When we sold Christmas trees during the season, I always ended the transaction with "Merry Christmas". I had someone ask me if I was afraid I would offend someone with that and I said absolutely not. If they were buying a Christmas tree, they believed in Christmas, at least to a point. I have not, nor will I ever, say Happy Holidays as I believe Jesus is the reason for the season and I am proud to let the world know that. Thank you so much, Mr. Johnson, for expressing a lost art of being grateful that our Lord was born. It is gotten to where Christians are afraid to be one in public and we need others to show that it is still okay; you did well with that today. Merry Christmas to you, your family and all of your employees!"
-Claire A. Minor
"Thank you for standing up to keep Christ in Christmas. I saw your piece on Fox News this morning. Thanks again for your billboard."
-Turner Pigford
"A friend of mine posted the WECT article about your billboard in response to the local athiest groups. Just wanted to say thank you for making your belief public in a big way."
-Bob Turlington
"I saw your billboard on I40. I liked it and want to express my thanks."
-Rodney McCoy
"Merry Christmas Mr. Johnson! God Bless you"
-Ralph Martinez
"Thank you for expressing your beliefs. Merry Christmas! I just felt the need to comment because I too am a Christian and get frustrated when people say Merry Christmas is not correct. It is the reason for the season! Thanks again."
-Joy T. Morgan
"Thanks to you and your staff for the billboard on Christmas .Your are a stand-up guy and more people should do the same you have moved in the category with Chick Filet."
-Art Prewitt
"I just saw your interview on Fox. Thank you so much and may God bless you for your willingness to acknowledge Jesus as our Savior through the billboards you have proclaimed Him on. The enemy has become even more emboldened in these troubling days, and we all must insist that CHRIST is the real and only reason for CHRISTmas."
-Richard Fields
"Saw your Billboard and saw Mr. Johnson on FOX & Friends Sunday yesterday! Thank you for being a Christian and a Patriot. May God continue to bless you and all that you do. Keep going and Merry Christmas to all of you and all of your plants that you grow. "All creation groans for the coming of the Lord..."
-Randal Romie, ASLA & Family
"We live in Kansas, but just saw your Christmas billboard on Facebook, on a site called Rare News. Thank you for keeping the true meaning of Christmas out there"
-Jo Payne
"Saw your billboard on Fox News. Thank you for getting the message out on what the holiday is about!"
"I looked you guys up on the net. Saw David Johnson on Fox. If not you I am sorry. I am assuming I have the right place. Thank you so much for standing up for Christmas! We have to stand for our right to Christianity. Proud of Your Group."
-Miles Bunn
"Hello Mr. Johnson. I just saw your interview about your billboard. It appeared the interviewer was trying to draw you into the controversy. Thank you for staying above that and just delivering your message. You seem like a wonderful human being (which we should all aspire to be). I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas."
"Thank you for the billboard you had put up. So many of us Christians who would love to do this, but cannot afford to, really appreciate you standing up for Jesus. Thank you.....Linda B.....Graham, NC"
-Linda B.
"Hello. I just saw your interview on FoxNews.com and wanted to say thank you for standing for Christ. Your message was spot-on. God bless you and your company and have a very Merry Christmas!"
-Matt Quin
"Thank you very much for supplying the billboards for CHRISTMAS. Yes we as Christians are failing in our faith."
-Cecil Packer
"I just simply want to say thank you. My wife and I just saw on Fox News what you guys did with the billboards. It's very sad to see how much religion has been pushed out of our country in just our lifetime. Thanks again from New England."
-David Rebello
"Merry Christmas to you all!!!! From The Miller's in Katy, Texas. God Bless you!"
-Cynthia Miller
"No question but a big thanks to you!! Thanks for putting up your Christmas billboard. I wish more companies would follow their hearts and their beliefs. Thanks again!!!!! What a wonderful thing you did."
-Sarah Allen
"I saw on the news where you put up the billboard saying Merry Christmas. I just wanted to say thank you soooo much for standing up for your beliefs and the beliefs of so many Christians in the United States. How could we possibly have become a country where we suppress our beliefs so we don’t “hurt non-believer’s feelings”?? Isn’t that what America is all about?? Once again, thanks for the billboard and I hope you, your employees and families all have a very Merry Christmas!!!!"
-Ronda Griffith

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